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-- June 17, 2008: Halyn, the 2 and a half year old orca calf at Seaworld Texas, died unexpectadly Saturday June 10th 2008. She had appeared to have been doing great, having been hand reared by the hands of man after her mother Kayla rejected her over 2 years ago. A necropsy report is expected within 6 weeks.



-- Lovey, the first orca successfully born into captivity in a Japanese theme park (Kamogawa Seaworld) is Pregnant!!! Her calf is expected to be born sometime in October, it has been cired by an older male named Oscar. Lets hope for the best for the calf when he or she is brought into this world.  Good Luck Lovey!!!

-Lovey, 8 year old female at Kamogawa Seaworld confirmed pregnant!


-- February 29, 2008: Seaworld has recently announced plans to construct a new park in Dubai, a small country in the middle east. An artificial Island is to be constructed in the shape of a large orca, upon this island will include a completely new Seaworld park, as well as a Bush Gardens, Aquatica, and a Discovery cove. An independant consulting firm based out of Cincinatti Ohio estimated a price range for the project to be between 2 and 3 billion dollars. Considering the fact Seaworld no longer captures its animals from the wild, this means that the current seaworld must be willing to part with some of their orca whales at their current parks. Always sad to see members of the shamu family part their homes and be transported to new facilites. A date for the completion of the project has not yet been set, but it has been stated that the Seaworld park and Aquatica park itself can be expected to be opened around 2012.  See link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/orl-seaworld2908feb29,0,2275645.story